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Flutist, Pianist, Teacher

Why be ordinary when you can be utterly extraordinary??


Hey! I’m Dr. Amy. If it has to do with music, I’ve probably done it, from performing flutist to band director to church musician to general music teacher to college music theory professor! I have a doctorate, two masters degrees, and a bachelors degree all in music. (You know how some people collect comic books or baseball cards? I collect credit hours.)


No matter what I’ve done in music, though, two things always keep coming back to me. First, I always LOVE playing and teaching flute, and miss it terribly when I’m NOT doing it! Second, whether I’m working with a kindergartener or a college senior, music is WAAAAY more fun when you have the right tools for the job and you have access to the tools! If you just go over flute exercises, it’s like vanilla ice cream – it’s OK. But playing flute or piano with artistry, with an awareness of HOW to fix problems and HOW music works and WHY doing something a certain way is important? Now we’re talking hot fudge sundaes with sprinkles and salted caramel (if that’s your thing), my friend!!


I don’t actually teach flute and piano lessons… I teach fully integrated musicianship and community building that involves the flute and piano. I teach a full curriculum that blends not just good playing, but music theory (how music is constructed), history, performance skills, and positive social interaction. Why just “take flute lessons” when you can meet new friends while performing in three recitals per year and maybe even in the Kentucky All-State Band or the Cincinnati Youth Orchestra? Why just play simple melodies when you can learn the skills that enable you to take on college-level literature like a boss?


Why settle for ORDINARY when you can be UTTERLY EXTRAORDINARY!!

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I want to be utterly extraordinary! Sign me up!


Let's play!!

I play most all styles of music, including jazz and beatboxing, but I still especially love French mid-20th century music. Imagine being dropped into the vat of "creamy caramel" in chocolate bar commercials.

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