Find links to important information about the flute, performers, etc. here.

Jennifer Cluff: A Canadian flutist, Jennifer's website features a variety of areas, including a number of helpful articles as well as downloadable music.

Just Another Flutist: Joanna Soh's website features video content on a number of topics, including tutorials and reviews of various flutes.

Just Flutes: A blog that has a variety of interesting articles. A business located in Croyden, just south of London, England.

National Flute Association: our national professional organization. In addition to holding an annual SUPER-FUN convention, there are numerous resources available here, including the journal the Flutist Quarterly.

Principal Chairs: The flute section of this website is amazing. It features video masterclasses on orchestral excerpts with some of the most well-known flutists in the world.

The Flute View: Created by Viviana Guzman, Morgan Pappas, Barbara Siesel, and Andrea Fisher (of Fluterscooter Bags fame), this site now also has a print version. It has columns, articles, interviews, reviews... pretty much anything flute!